Great Southern Sports Talent Association Objectives

Help selected athletes and coaches in the region progress from sub-elite to elite level within their appropriate high performance pathway.

Identify opportunities to promote, educate and financially assist talented athletes and coaches throughout the region.

Support the development and coordination of courses and seminars aimed at talented athletes and coaches within the region.

Advise and assist sporting associations in implementing high performance pathways.

Identify key regional stakeholders and consistently work in partnership with them.

Sponsored by:

Sponsored by the Albany, Mt Barker & Tambellup Cranbrook Community Banks

Funded by:

Funded by Department of Sport and Recreation and Royalties for Regions
Funded by Department of Sport and Recreation and Royalties for Regions


Athlete Support

Athlete Financial Support Scheme (AFSS) helps talented athletes to improve their daily training environment

Coach Support

The Coach Financial Support Scheme (CFSS) helps talented and driven coaches to undertake professional development opportunities

Regional Program Support

The Regional Association Financial Support Scheme (RAFSS) is to enhance regional talent development programs

News & Events

GSSTA - Amended date AGM 20TH SEPTEMBER 2017 (08/08/2017)

Great Southern Sports Talent Association "GSSTA" Annual General Meeting has been changed and will now be held on Wednesday, 20th September 2017 at 5.30pm at Department of Sport and Recreation, 22 Collie Street, Albany.

GSSTA will make special resolution to adopt the attached amended Constitution to bring Constitution into alignment with new Associations Incorporation Act (2015).

All Welcome - please register by email

GSSTA Coaches Club presents Emily Eaton WAIS Sports Dietitian (26/07/2017 12:50 PM)

On Monday, 24th July 2017 GSSTA held a Coaches Club event at the City of Albany Civic Rooms.

Emily Eaton, WAIS Sports Dietitian presented “Fuelling for Peak Performance” to Coaches, Athletes and Parents.  Emily currently works with athletes at WAIS, Western Force and Perth Glory and lectures in nutrition at Edith Cowan University.


Emily covered topics like :-

- Macronutrient needs - Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat

- Training nutrition strategies

- Supplements in sports

- Low energy availability

If you are interested in attending our Coaches Club Events please register by sending an email to



Great Southern Athlete Development Program (24/07/2017 01:47 PM)

On Sunday, 23 July 2017 at Centennial Stadium, City of Albany, Meeting Rooms, 20 GSSTA Athletes, from 10 different sports, continued with their GSSTA Great Southern Athlete Development Program (“GSADP”) by attending their second Face to Face workshop.  GSSTA’s Athletes have had access to two face to face workshops this year, mentoring from WAIS athletes and access to online modules to assist with their sporting journey.


The GSADP is an athlete education program delivered in partnership with Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) and the Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS).  The second Face to Face Workshop on Nutrition was delivered by Emily Eaton, WAIS Sports Dietitian, and Katherine Downie, Paralympian and WAIS Athlete.


Katherine Downie, Paralympian was part of the face to face workshop and engaged with the athletes and spoke about her experiences.


The athletes have been identified through consultation with various State and Regional State Sporting Associations. 


These athletes will have access to the WAIS Developing Champions program which is designed to assist the development of aspiring young athletes to gain personal development skills with the support of the Personal Excellence (Career, Education, Life skills and Integrity) Program at WAIS and in addition GSSTA have provided the Athletes with extra services including three Exercise Physiologist sessions, through South Coast Sports Medicine.   


GSSTA Successful Athletes (19/07/2017 01:18 PM)

GSSTA has recently financially assisted the following Athletes in the Great Southern Region:

Oliver Pluckhahn            Athletics             Denmark                          

Susann  Ndong’a              Taekwondo       Katanning                          

Nardia  Humphries          Basketball          Albany                               

Narelle  Humphries           Basketball         Albany                              

Henry  Alforque                Basketball          Albany                              

Henrick  Alforque             Basketball          Albany                              

Sophie  Lynch                     Netball               Albany                            


Contact Shelley McDonald if you would like to know more information on the criteria for GSSTA Athlete Financial Assistance on 98920152.