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Keeping our Sports Clean

For sport lovers and active clubs 'the blackest day in Australian Sport' in 2013 will be remembered for opening up the complex issue of inappropriate supplement use across a range of sports.

Previously seen only in the realm of Olympic sports we are now seeing an increase in cases and media profile of compromise and illegal practices such as illicit drug use, supplement taking, gambling and match fixing throughout the sport system at every level.

However, leading sport expert and adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Notre Dame Fremantle, Greg McLennan will be challenging local coaches and committee delegates to reflect and consider their own club culture, what is acceptable and the way they can influence young people’s behaviour. He will be using case studies and examples of how clubs and young athletes have been compromised.

Hosted by the Coaches Club, a sub-committee of the Great Southern Sports Talent Association ("GSSTA"), and supported by the City of Albany the Integrity of Sport Workshop is free and held on Monday 19 October from 6.00 – 8.00 pm at the City of Albany Civic Rooms.

According to Greg McLennan "The complexity of integrity issues appear to be increasing at all levels and across all sports. Though they don’t pose an immediate threat to local clubland, it does create an on ground dilemma for local clubs. And if clubs think they are immune, they need to think again."

GSSTA Chairperson, Darrell Panizza said the GSSTA was very keen to support the education and training of Coaches to help improve the overall standard of athlete talent in the Great Southern. Through the Coaches Club we will be presenting a number of workshops and presentations over the next six months.