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Marshall McAleese Swimming Coach

MarshallMcAleese, from Mount Barker has been successful in his GSSTA Application forCoach Financial Support in the sum of $2,000.00 to assist him to attend the ASCTAConvention 2017 in the Gold Coast in April.


TheASCTA Convention is an annual international conference and Marshall will beattending workshops covering:


·        Coaching Open Water Swimmers

·        Physiotherapy essentials for Swimmers

·        Physiology and Training for Peak Fitness

·        Nutrition for long term Athlete Development

·        Performance Race Modelling and Preparation

·        Stroke Development Through Drills and PracticalApplication

·        Transitioning age group athletes to open competition


Marshalladvised that this will be the third time he has attended the Convention, and itwill accrue credits to maintain his Silver Licence accreditation and each timehas been able to implement significant changes into his local programs whichhas resulted in local athletes achieving fantastic results at both state andnational level.


NolaOsborne, Swim Coordinator Great Southern Region of Swimming WA advised thatMarshall holds the nationally recognised Swim Australia Silver Licence coachingaccreditation and is committed to providing his athletes with the best possiblelearning, training, and competition experiences.


Marshallis the Head Coach of Albany Swim Club coaching a team of 20 athletes rangingfrom 10 to 18 years and travels within the Great Southern Region to coach atother swim clubs to help these other regions strengthen their swimmers andcoaches.


Marshall had the opportunity to gain information and knowledge at the Conference from Jacco van Haeren (Australian Olympic Head Coach)Jamie Salter (Australian High Performance Manager) and GlennBeringen (Australian Youth Development and Transition Coach)