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Rachael Lynch

Information on the effort and discipline required to make an Olympic hockey player will be passed on to regional coaches at a sports seminar run by Great Southern Sports Talent Association next Sunday, November 8.

Current Hockeyroos goal-keeper Rachael Lynch will be the guest speaker at Albany’s Motel Le Grande.

She will then hold a specialist coaching session with local goal-keepers and participate in an open mass participation coaching clinic for all hockey players at the Lower Great Southern Hockey Association, Barker Road.

Lynch is expected to be accompanied by other Hockeyroos players on her trip to Albany who will also take part in the coaching.

The GSSTA initiative aims to continue the development of all coaches and local hockey players with the hope many will be able to undertake the next step to becoming elite players in the future.

GSSTA chair Darrell Panizza said the seminar was a great opportunity for regional coaches and athletes from all sports to hear about and understand what is required of a top-flight player and how young athletes can best prepare themselves to succeed.

"The GSSTA is already helping young athletes receive specialist support to help them achieve their dream through improving their daily training environments," he said.

The upskilling they receive helps them to reach state programs in their chosen sport.

"Since the GSSTA began, we have also provided assistance to coaches to improve their level of qualification and gain access to professional development."

The coaching seminar, from 8am to 9.30am, is free with registration essential as there is a limited capacity. Breakfast is included.

Lynch made her debut with the Hockeyroos at the Champions Trophy tournament in the Netherlands in 2006.

She has since become a regular feature in the team which will compete at the Rio Olympics next year.

Lynch is being sponsored on her trip to Albany by company Over the Moon Organics.